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Now Or Never – Josh Atkinson & Jalen Brown (

Now Or Never – Ishaq Williams (

The (Re)Transition Of Tommy Rees – An Insider’s Take With Matt Mulvey (

The (Re)Transition Of Tommy Rees – An Insider’s Take With Evan Sharpley (

Everett Golson Is The Piano Man (

Down the Line with Kapron Lewis-Moore (

Debating The Heisman With Fran Tarkenton, Eric Crouch & Steve Herring (

Are Johnny Manziel’s Stats Padded? Steve Herring Argues Texas A&M QB Had Good Stats Versus Bad Teams (

Manti Te’o & Super Bowl Debate on HuffPost Live (

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Oct 232012
Notre Dame Can Beat Oklahoma: How The Sooners Last 10 Losses Favor The Irish

Been a little inactive on this portion of my Notre Dame footprint of late but I have cranked out ND content as often as possible. Hopefully you’ve tuned in weekly at & the podcasts in iTunes or our feed. I tossed aside the op-ed column for a week to figure out what it’s taken to beat Bob Stoops & Oklahoma recently. The past 10 losses by the Sooners have all come since OU quarterback Landry Jones took the helm in 2009. Counting his … READ MORE

Oct 052012
Notre Dame Post: Michigan Review, Miami Preview & Some Pictures Of It All

To celebrate my 30 years on planet Earth and my Lady Friend’s 31, we headed to South Bend to see our Fighting Irish take on the Michigan Wolverines. Happy Birthday to us! Catch up with me in my latest post over at where I reflect on the trip, share some fun photos, and then preview Miami-Notre Dame 2012. Man Cave QB: Notre Dame, Miami, Catholics, Convicts & The Rolling Stones Don’t miss our most recent podcast on TNNDN Network … READ MORE

Sep 152012
Same Game, New Fame? Everett Golson & Jay Pharoah's September 15, 2012

Notre Dame sophomore quarterback Everett Golson will take the field for his 3rd game as the Irish starter at 8:00 pm Eastern on Saturday night. Three hours & thirty-five minutes later, Saturday Night Live’s Jay Pharoah will take the stage in his 3rd season at Studio 8H in New York City – his first playing President Barack Obama. The athlete and the comedian have shown flashes of brilliance in their young careers. Both replaced established veterans who had experienced success in their coveted roles and … READ MORE

Sep 142012
Notre Dame v. Michigan State. Previews, Podcast & Why Spartan Athletics Are "Classless"

Here are all the great links for me to prep you on Notre Dame v. Michigan State. I had the honor of speaking about the big game with not one, but two writers about the match-up on Thursday’s Down the Line. If you want the full story ripped from this headline about Michigan State being classless – tune in below to the 14 minute mark and let our boy, former ND Captain Gerome Sapp, explain a few experiences of his during match-ups with the Spartans. … READ MORE

Sep 112012
Podcast: Matt Mulvey Reviews Golson & Rees. John Walters On QB "Non-troversy" & Hondo Carpenter Predicts An Blowout This Saturday

I’ll admit this is probably my most in-depth podcast to date. Matt Mulvey had to step up his game as my expert analyst on Notre Dame quarterbacks following all that transpired at The Stadium on Saturday afternoon. John Walters checked into the Man Cave and offered a similar hypothesis to the Tommy Rees decision – it was right at the time but not indicative of a controversy at quarterback. Then I welcomed in’s Hondo Carpenter who claimed to have seen … READ MORE

Sep 072012
Notre Dame Game Preview, Interviewing Eric Hansen & Yahoo's Purdue Blogger

This is officially my 3rd Notre Dame post of the night. Not even when I was blogging consistently about two topics (Saturday Night Live & Notre Dame) did I accomplish this feat. Between the writing and my Thursday radio show it’s been a festive day in the Man Cave.  I consider myself fully prepped for the Purdue Boilermakers. I guess not being from Indiana I don’t get the aggressive bashing of Purdue and calling them “Purdon’t”. Seems like a nice fan-base with smart … READ MORE

Sep 052012
Notre Dame 50, NAVY 10 - Man Cave QB Review, Reaction, Podcast

Apologies to the Herring Bone faithful as I’m a little late in just getting the links up to the stuff I’ve posted at – My in-season schedule remains intact with a “Rapid Reaction” a few hours after the game has ended, “Man Cave Quarterback Review” on Monday that now accompanies my podcast and a “Game Preview” that posts Thursday night or Friday morning. Thanks for your continue support & here’s the links: MCQB Podcast (above or available on iTunes … READ MORE

Aug 312012
NAVY! Notre Dame Predictions, Primer, Podcasts, Preview

Notre Dame v. NAVY: Your Herring Bone Updates Friendly reminder and/or update to all my loyal Herring Bone Sports fans out there. I’ve taken my Notre Dame Football writing talents to, a proud member of the élite Bloguin Sports Network, for the 2012 season. I’ve eased back into the writing this week to accompany my growing Irish Football podcast empire. Below you’ll find the links to all my recent (see:fantastic) work. My format for previewing games has remained similar, if not a … READ MORE

Aug 282012
MCQB Podcast Featuring John Walters, Jordan Schultz & Matt Mulvey

Episode 2 of Notre Dame’s Man Cave Quarterback hit the airwaves early Monday morning with guests John Walters (ND 88′), Jordan Schultz of the Huffington Post & Matt Mulvey – the only man talking to the media who’s been in a QB meeting with Brian Kelly and Everett Golson. All provided amazing insight on Irish football, the decision to start Golson, and some previews of Week 1 against the Navy Midshipmen. You’ll also find the most interesting audio clips from … READ MORE

Aug 272012
Ben Stecker's Crushed NCAA Football Fantasies

Posted by Ben Stecker Ben Stecker is a native of Colville, Washington. An avid sports and fantasy fan, he occasionally contributes his commentary here at Herring Bone Sports. Ben is passionate follower of the Denver Broncos, Washington State University, and the Seattle Mariners. Ben works on national campaign media in Washington, DC. Previous articles from Ben can be found below. CRUSHED FANTASIES I really thought I knew sports. I watch a ton of football, baseball, and college basketball every year. I … READ MORE

Aug 242012
Herring Bone Links: Everett Golson Breakdown. NBC's Keith Arnold Talking Irish. Bobby Brown & Malcolm Johnson On Ask Oscar

The 2012 Notre Dame Football season is now rapidly approaching and the past week in Fighting Irish coverage has been extensive. I launched my own ND podcast and participated in riveting interviews with former Irish players, a top Irish blogger, an expert on NY/NJ/CT High School Football, and a two time U.S. Olympian who just competed in London. The crazy week has been capped off with Brian Kelly finally naming his starting quarterback for the coming Fall. Brian Kelly took the podium Thursday and anointed Sophomore Everett … READ MORE

Aug 202012
The Man Cave Quarterback Podcast Debuts! Matt Mulvey, Mike Quick, Recruiting, QBs & More

After months of intricate planning and self introspection, I finally dropped Episode 1 of The Man Cave Quarterback. I had many fantastic ideas for the new show and plenty of them hit the bottom of the trash barrel. Once I started recording these segments and laying the seperate tracks down I tried to mold the show I’d formed in my head to what sounded half-way decent in the headphones. You’ll find a mix of interviews, muscial interludes, Fighting Irish Football takes from … READ MORE

Aug 142012
Notre Dame's John Walters & Melissa Henderson Interviews On TNNDN

I had the pleasure of participating in a few great interviews with Notre Dame alums in the past 2 weeks at TNNDN. On Down the Line we hosted John Walters who graduated in 1988 with past guests and stars Tim Brown & Nicholas Sparks. Walters, a sportswriter who was an ND pre-med, has written for Sports Illustrated, The Daily, The Huffington Post and others since leaving South Bend and more recently has created a rabid Twitter following with his astute observations … READ MORE

Aug 102012
McDougal v. Powlus 93', Ishaq To TE, Nicholas Sparks Was A Notre Dame Baller ...

Just as Notre Dame Football has got back into the groove on the practice fields, Herring Bone has been cranking into midseason form on the blogging & podcasting front. Here are some updates on what I’ve been up to: 1. My all-time favorite Notre Dame player for 19 years has been Kevin McDougal – Quarterback of the legendary 1993 Notre Dame team that should have played for the National Championship. We hosted McDougal on Ask Oscar’s most recent show and the former teammates delved … READ MORE

Aug 032012
Field Turf! Fall Camp! Notre Dame Football! Let It Begin ...

Football is officially in the air! Brian Kelly kicked off the 2012 season with an afternoon press conference Friday (transcript) where he revealed a few new details for 2012 and backed off his “I’ll set the Internet on fire …” comments from a Thursday afternoon radio spot (HLS Re-cap). Long story short: BK claims “FieldTurf is coming” on Thursday, crusty Irish fans bitch & moan, younger fans regale in the older generations misery, BK updates his original statement to claim he should have … READ MORE

Jul 302012
Saturday Edge & Herring Bone On The 2012 Notre Dame Schedule. Other Irish Linkage.

Things are officially starting to heat up around Notre Dame Football and the retreading of the quarterback battle will at least have some “fresh” perspective or news as the Irish will kick off camp later this week. You know it’s close to the season when a USC fan creates a commenting account just to go into a Notre Dame blog and bash the Irish and the writer. One did just that on my first Subway Domer post. Let’s do this thing Football Season. … READ MORE

Jul 262012
20 Years Of "Irrelevent" Notre Dame Stats & Other Irish Linkage

I think it’d be a diss to MY MAN Matt Fortuna to call these “Irish Links” with him giving me the shoutout on his feature of the same name not far back. I guess the name of this piece will be under construction. I’m still figuring out how I’ll be sharing my work moving forward, which has moved on to if you didn’t hear, but a little note from me and links to Notre Dame articles I’m reading is probably … READ MORE

Jul 212012
Dear NFL, Seriously Dude???

Ben Stecker is a native of Colville, Washington. An avid sports and fantasy fan, he occasionally contributes his commentary here at Herring Bone Sports. Ben is passionate follower of the Denver Broncos, Washington State University, and the Seattle Mariners. Ben currently works on national campaign media in Washington, DC. Previous articles from Ben can be found below. If you are a fan of the NFL, then you’ve heard the horrendous train of stories that have hit the news over the past two weeks. Four star-caliber players … READ MORE

Jul 202012
*BREAKING* - Herring Bone's Notre Dame Content Moving To

You thought I quit while I was ahead didn’t you? We capped off a wild spring of interviewing Lou Holtz, Brady Quinn, Tim Brown and other Irish greats with the most successful week, clicks-wise, in my site’s history (June 26-July 3). Yours truly and this site were mentioned BY NAME on, while Notre Dame powerhouses One Foot Down & Her Loyal Sons both linked up my little recruiting rant to some pretty nice fanfare. The Tony Rice/Everett Golson quote from our TNNDN interview has nearly 5,000 … READ MORE