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Pitching Sketch Ideas for Saturday Night Live with Host Katy Perry

Posted by Steve Herring on December 5, 2011

Host: Katy Perry ◊ Musical Guest: Robyn

Background: Each Monday of a show week in the offices of Saturday Night Live, Lorne Michaels meets with the host, writers, and cast to go over ideas for sketches they might want to do. What is said in these meetings will ultimately decide on what the cast and crew will work on all week before beaming into our homes at 11:35 PM EST.

Here at Herring Bone we hold “Pitch Mondays”. I’ll toss out a basic idea of something I think might work. Please do the same. I’m fairly biased to getting more airtime for Jay Pharoah and you’ll see that reflected occasionally.

Read all the Pitch Monday ideas HERE.

We are NOT writing full sketches here. It can be one sentence, or one idea, or simply who you’d like to see impersonated.

Specific ideas for that week’s host can also be a bonus.

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The Pitch

It’s Tebow Time! He’s the hottest name in America’s biggest sport who is as equally controversial on the field as he is off it. Football pundits HATE him, drinkers HATE him, pro-Choice women HATE him, and guys who sit at their desk imagining what they’d be doing if they were an attractive, millionaire quarterback in the NFL want to go Nick Cage in Face Off on his righteous ass. He’s so ripe right now it’s unconscionable, but if you follow SNL then you doubt they’ll even attempt to figure this one out.

Dream Sketch: If there was a celebrity worth bringing back The Church Lady for, it’s the Denver Chosen One. I’d love to see the other guest being Bobby Moynihan’s Snookie from the Jersey Shore.

Christmas at the Homeless Shelter: Tebow heads to the homeless shelter to hand out soup and food for Christmas. Other volunteers, then homeless women, then homeless men attempt to get Tebow under the mistletoe.

The Bachelor with Tim Tebow: Women (Pedrad, Elliot, Bayer, Perry) vie for the right to lock down America’s most eligible bachelor. Would this be another great excuse for Perry to dress scantily and show off her “assets”…sure, why not?

The Blind Date: Tim Tebow is set up on a blind date with Katy Perry. She has no idea who he is and it plays out like those old 1990’s reality dating shows by asking him about his preferences in bed, how big he is, and attempts to get him into the typical late night hot tub.

Who: Well, Tebow is young, tall, and jacked out of his mind. Since nobody at SNL has ever been a workout warrior, this is an easy choice – Taran Killam has to play this part and he’s an amazing impressionist; he could probably get something out of that squeaky teenager voice of Tebow.

Submit your own if you’ve got em.

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