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Feb 022012
On February 1st, 2012 The New ND Nation Radio Show Did A Two Hour Recruiting Special. Below You Can Listen, While Watching Highlights of the 2012 Notre Dame Football Recruiting Class.

Our Great Guests:

The Special Guest in our 1st hour was former ND player (Class of 2011) and current Atlanta Falcons CB Darrin Walls. The last question of the interview was, “What would you tell the current recruits, of which 5 will likely play defensive back, to prepare for life at Notre Dame. His answer will surprise you in an awesome way. Darrin joins Part I at the 30:00 minute mark.

The Guests in our 2nd hour were Brandon Crouch & Frank Corrigan, who came up with an idea better than you. The pair has teamed up to write a series of children’s books centered around historical events and people in the Fighting Irish Program. Find out more about them and order their books at I had a rather unique tie to one of their characters in the books. Find out what it is. Brandon and Frank join Part II at the 32:00 minute mark.

BOTH Videos include highlights of every member of the 2012 Recruiting Class

Part I – Recruiting Breakdown, Greenberry Decommits & Darrin Walls

Part II – More Recruiting Coverage & Interview With Brandon & Frank


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