Jun 212012

We hosted Fighting Irish Legends Tony Rice & Chris Zorich on Down the Line this week and they provided some hum-dingers. The full episode is worth the listen but below are some highlights. FULL SHOW:

Tony Rice - The most revealing moment of the night came when I brought up Everett Golson (a South Carolina native like Rice) but danced around the direct “Who should the QB be??” question and asked about the importance of a mobile quarterback (full question and response below). He went ahead and praised Golson based off watching a recent practice and proclaimed

I think (Everett Golson) is better than me … when he’s left the school there will be no more Tony Rice.”

Tony also told a personal story about his grandmother’s role in his commitment to Lou Holtz’s first class as well as speaking on the struggles of sitting out his freshman season due to Prop 48 guidelines. The 1988 season & Fiesta Bowl win also make appearances.

Chris Zorich - Apparently Chris hadn’t re-lived his lone NFL touchdown in some time and enjoyed the memory. He reflects on the 1988 season in a “I had no clue what it meant at the time” kind of way and recalls the emotion that overcame him following his career ending in blue and gold at the 1991 Orange Bowl. He then claims

I told the Notre Dame coach I didn’t know about the school because my mom didn’t like to fly. He was in shock because we lived 90 miles from South Bend. I thought Notre Dame was in Paris, France. 

Chris also explains the basic needs that caused him to sport the famous bare midriff jersey (below). All around great interviews with both players. Enjoy!

Tony Rice Likes Everett Golson … A Lot

Chris Zorich HAD to Cut His Jersey Down

Chris Zorich Thought Notre Dame & The Hunchback Were in Paris Together

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