Jul 212012
Dear NFL, Seriously Dude???

Ben Stecker is a native of Colville, Washington. An avid sports and fantasy fan, he occasionally contributes his commentary here at Herring Bone Sports. Ben is passionate follower of the Denver Broncos, Washington State University, and the Seattle Mariners. Ben currently works on national campaign media in Washington, DC. Previous articles from Ben can be found below. If you are a fan of the NFL, then you’ve heard the horrendous train of stories that have hit the news over the past two weeks. Four star-caliber players … READ MORE

Jul 192012
New Twitter Handle! Herring Bone Is Now @ManCaveQB

I guess if I was part of an entire site this wouldn’t register as something worth a post. But this is my site dammit and it’s important. I also haven’t posted anything new during my July vacation and you should know I’m not dead, but rather working out here and getting prepped up for what is going to be a crazy season … or a season that drives me crazy. Either way, here’s the news: I have a new Twitter handle and … READ MORE

May 202012
Stephen A. Smith Brilliantly Mocked By SNL's Jay Pharaoh. (Not Shown On Live Show)

(*VIDEO BELOW*)   This Saturday Night Live, hosted by Mick Jagger, was jam-packed with classic characters, possibly the last Digital Short (Lazy Sunday Part II) and will be most remembered by a last sketch goodbye to the woman who dominated the show for over 5 years – Kristen Wiig. Something didn’t make the live show that sports fans will appreciate. If you didn’t know, Saturday Night Live does two shows every Saturday and airs the second one after cutting sketches and bits … READ MORE

Mar 182012
Brady Quinn Now A Kansas City Chief. We Trust They Remove "QB" Completely Off Their Draft Board.

Posted by Steve Herring on March 18, 2012 Reports Saturday indicate that free agent QB Brady Quinn had agreed to terms with the Kansas City Chiefs (NFL.com link). This site spent some quality time compiling a detailed review of the possible destinations for Quinn (here), a feature I believed would carry through April’s draft; one would have to believe (see: hope) that the Chiefs have assured Quinn that a veteran with his elite skills challenging incumbent Matt Cassel is their preference over selecting one of … READ MORE

Mar 072012
MLB Band-Aids Their Postseason Problem. Their 8+ Month Season Is The Massive Head Wound Left Unattended.

Posted by Steve Herring on March 7, 2012 Major League Baseball announced this week that there would be a major adjustment to their playoff format and the change will take effect immediately for the approaching 2012 season. The advantage of winning your division is back and MLB  has upped the ante for the Wild Cards. Will we see another Wild Card winner in the World Series this coming October? Probably not – it’s a lot harder to get there as a non division winner and I think that is … READ MORE

Feb 242012
Here's All The Ways To Listen To Us Talk To Brady Quinn & Nicholas Sparks (and it's totally worth it)

Posted by Steve Herring on February 23, 2012 So the big show has come and gone. Depending on your video or audio preferences here are all the ways to listen to The New ND Nation Radio Show featuring guests: All-America Quarterback Brady Quinn & Best-Selling Author Nicholas Sparks. Listen to internet radio with TNNDNradio on Blog Talk Radio Want to go to a website and just listen or find other episodes? Our BlogTalkRadio page is the place. Want the iTunes Podcast … READ MORE

Feb 232012
Brady Quinn & Nicholas Sparks On Today's Podcast. Never Again Will I Have So Many Women's Undivided Attention

“Between You Both, Who’s Swooned More Ladies From Afar??” & Other Questions I Won’t Ask Tonight Posted by Steve Herring on February 23, 2012 I’ve done my homework for this week’s show. This included reading Nicholas Sparks novel The Lucky One and watching The Notebook and A Walk to Remember; all this between sessions of perusing his personal website and attempting to find some questions not covered in the site’s FAQ’s of Nicholas Sparks. (I particularly enjoyed all the mentions of “Don’t send me your novels or … READ MORE

Feb 042012
Herring Bone Jumbalaya - ND Football, Super Bowl Picks & SNL In One Neat Little Package

One Post to Rule Them All! My Thoughts on the Notre Dame Football Recruiting Class, Sunday’s Super Bowl, and Saturday Night Live with Host Channing Tatum Posted by Steve Herring on February 4, 2012 Is This What Blogging Really Is?? So I’ve long been told that “blogging” would actually be a little more ranting and raving and less of what I’ve done on this site. You know … organizing my thoughts, separating the topics I cover into cozy, isolated little links on my … READ MORE

Jan 142012
Rob's Quick Takes On The Week In College Football & The <del>Cal Commit Show</del> HS Army All America Game

Rob Abreu’s Takes on National Championships, Brian Kelly, Transfers, and Last Week’s Army High School All-American Game I hate to say it, but Nick Saban can coach … but hes still an ASSHOLE!!! Alabama WILL beat Meeeeeshegan in the opener next year. New Rule:  Two teams from the SEC are not allowed to play each other in a BCS title game. One is OK but two is … well we saw what happens. Florida fan better get use to this because … READ MORE

Jan 072012
Rob & Steve Agree - Mark Sanchez Stinks at Pro Football (with Rob's other NFL Observations)

Random NFL Observations Herring Bone Contributor Rob Abreu Sizes Up What He Saw This NFL Season Posted by Rob Abreu on January 7, 2012 1. Reggie “Bust” has officially changed his name. He will be known as Reggie Bush. 2. Sad to see the best RB in the league, MJD, waste his prime of his career in the joke that is Jacksonville. 3. Sad to see Adrian Peterson’s career already begin to decline, he will never be the same after the … READ MORE

Jan 042012
5 Things Rob Took From the Pac-12 Bowl Season

Our Pac-12 Expert Opens His Personal Notepad for Your Pleasure Posted by Featured Writer Rob Abreu on January 4, 2011 5 Things I Thought During the 2011 Bowl Season That Was in the Pacific 12 Conference 1.    Add new University of Hawaii Head Coach Norm Chow, Lane Kiffin, and recently fired Washington Defensive Coordinator Nick Holt to your list of coaches that prove your grandma could coach and easily win at SC. All have done little when coaching somewhere else. 2.    That would … READ MORE

Dec 242011
Rob Abreu's Draft Declaration Analysis

Rob Abreu Presents His 1st Annual: “Taylor Mays, Jake Locker & Matt Leinart IDIOT OF THE YEAR Award for Returning to School.”   Posted by Rob Abreu on December 24, 2011 Editor’s Note: So far this month, a couple of big name college players have already declared their intentions to remain in school for their senior seasons; this is despite draft pundits predicting 1st round Draft Grades and the possibility of skipping millions in professional earnings in just a few short months And The Nominees … READ MORE

Dec 212011

12/21/2011 Posted by Steve Herring Safe to say it’s a bit of a lull in the website, so here’s some things I’m working on, wish I could corral into a better post, or simply come to my mind (This includes ND and other stuff): 1. Recruiting for Notre Dame has been interesting. I had a subscription to Blue & Gold Illustrated when I was 8 years old through high school and followed ND recruiting diligently for what seems like my whole life. … READ MORE

Dec 162011
The Saddest Fathead You Will EVER See

Stop Christmas Shopping Now!! The Perfect Gift for That Person You Hate: An Antoine Walker Idaho Stampede Fathead! In 1996 Antoine Walker won an NCAA Championship with the Kentucky Wildcats and was the 6th pick in the NBA Draft. In 1997-98 Antoine Walker averaged 22.4 points and 10.2 rebounds per game for the Boston Celtics and made his first All-Star team (of 3). On June 20th, 2006 Antoine Walker had 14 points and 11 rebounds in Game 6 of the NBA Finals and … READ MORE

Dec 142011
Broncos-Patriots - More Interesting Storylines Outside Tebowmania

New Contributor Ben Stecker Explains How Broncos-Patriots Has Inexplicably Been a Bermuda Triangle of Confusing On-Field Results for Over a Decade. by HerringBoneSports.com Contributor Ben Stecker New England  (-6.5) at Denver  The Bermuda Triangle of Football? December 14, 2011 – Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are known throughout every NFL city as one thing – Winners. Love em or hate em, these two rack up the W’s and consistently dominate while doing it. Brady/Belichick own a winning record against every team they have played at least 5 times together in … READ MORE

Nov 102011

Sports Teaches Us Life’s Most Basic Lesson & Asks THE Most Important Question Posted by Steve Herring on November 10, 2011 The “Best” was not expected or given by far too many at Penn State What is happening in “Happy Valley”, Pennsylvania is not about sports. It’s not about football, wins, championships, bowls, records, phone calls, or even the disintegration of a legacy. This is a story about children, about innocence lost, and the preservation of an institution in the most evil and vile of forms … READ MORE

Oct 302011
Exclusive: Interview With How to Make It in America's Joy Suprano

How to Make It in America’s Newest Star, Joy Suprano, Sits Down with Herring Bone in an Exclusive First Interview She Debuts Tonight on HBO’s Monster Hit How to Make It in America & Is a Fast-Rising Star on the Hollywood Scene. America – It’s Time to Learn More About Joy Suprano Read more about Joy in her Herring Bone Celebrity Profile – Included: Links to Joy’s other projects, pictures from the HBO set, favorite sports memories, and some great personal tidbits. … READ MORE

Oct 282011
Meet How to Make It in America's Joy Suprano

HBO’s Next Big Thing? Herring Bone Introduces You to Joy Suprano BEFORE She Debuts on the Cable Giant’s Hit Show How To Make It In America Posted by Steve Herring on October 28, 2011 We’ve got your first look at one of Hollywood’s rising young stars. I got to spend some time on the phone and e-mailing this week with the amazingly talented and gracious Joy Suprano. You’re going to want to know more about her sooner than later, so get a head … READ MORE

Oct 052011
Brady Quinn vs. Mark Sanchez

Breaking Down Brady Quinn vs. Mark Sanchez Through Comparative Analysis Posted by Steve Herring on October 5, 2011 Mark Sanchez was dragged off the field Sunday following a performance that felt all too familiar for Jets fans during his tenure. His line during the brutal beating by Ray Lewis and Company: 11/35 Passing for 119 Yards with 1 Interception and (not a typo) 3 Fumbles Lost (4 Total) QB Rating vs the Ravens: 30.5 Other QB Ratings in the past 13 Regular Season games: 45.3 (MIA 2010), 27.8 (NE … READ MORE

Sep 172011
Hulu.com Is Killing Me: A Herring Bone to Pick

Hulu.com is absolutely killing me. Looking for the Saturday Night Live parody of Notre Dame? Have you reached this site after typing “notre dame, saturday night live” into Google or Yahoo! ? Had you already searched in on Hulu.com? (Most likely) Maybe it was “notre dame, snl” or “notre dame football snl video” or even “notre dame sucks saturday night live sketch” (all searches that have led someone to click on my site) The fact that Saturday Night Live did a sketch mocking … READ MORE